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Hledan Center Shangri-la 
Aye Tharyar Steel
Mill Substation
33-11kV 20MVA Substation (Thilawa)
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   Welcome To Super Mega   Engineers Group & Trading Co., Ltd

The company together with its associate companies are in the field of Electrical, Instrumentation and Building Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Construction Work (including Fire-alarm, Telephone and Public Addressing) for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial Plants, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Shipyards, Marine Automation, Hotels and High-rise Building. We serve our clients primarily as following:

  • Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, basic Design and Engineering.

  • Procurement of Equipment, Materials and Instruments for new Project.

  • Erection, Supply and Installation of complete electrical and instrumentation system.

  • Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance.

  • Fabrication of Low Tension Distribution Boards, Motor Control Centers and Sub DBs.

  • Modification and Fabrication of Medium Voltage Switchgear Panel.

  • Manufacturing of 33000V/11000V, GCB/VCB/LBS Switchgear Panels and Disconnecting

  • Manufacturing of 400V Main Receiving Panels, Auto Transfer Switch Panel, Motor
    Control Centers, Distribution Board and Power Factor Improvement Device.

  • Manufacturing of 230V/400V Diesel Engine Driven Generating Sets (5kVA to 200kVA)
    Also Trading for

  • All related Electrical and Instrumentation materials and testing equipment.
    ( Such as Transformers up to 5000 kVA, HT / LT Switchgears GCB/VCB/ACB, Control & Power HT / LT Cables, DBs, MCCs, Motor Starters, Motors, Instrument, Generators, HT/LT Overhead Line Materials, Insulation Tester, Clamp-on Meter, Energy Meters, etc.) Specially order to Singapore for very important Electrical & Instrument parts of Shut down Machine/ Factory.

Super Mega Engineers Group & Trading Company is trading for all related Electrical & Instrument Material
Line of Business

  • High Voltage Switch Gears 33 kV (France)
  • Medium Voltage Switch Gears  6.6kV, 11kV ( France, Japan, India, Korea,
    China )
  • Power Transformer ( 50 kVA to 2,000 kVA / Germany, Japan, Thailand,
    Singapore, Indonesia )
  • HT / LT Transmission & Distribution Equipment ( Japan, Singapore, Malaysia,
    Thailand )
  • Power, Control & Communication Cables ( Japan, Singapore, Malaysia,
    England )
  • LT Distribution Board c / w protection devices ( Japan, Singapore )
  • Circuit Breakers ACB, MCCB, MCB, ELCB, RCCB from 6A to 3,200A (France, Japan, Korea)
  • Lighting Fixtures ( Sodium, Mercury, Fluorescent, Tungsten including Flame-
    proof fittings )
  • Voltage stabilizer ( 110V, 220V, 400V /USA, Japan )
  • Various Induction Motors ( 220V, 400V/1.0 hp to 50 hp Japan, Singapore )
  • Auto Transfer Switch / Change Over Switch ( 400V / 200V ~ 1600A )
    (Korea / Thailand / Myanmar)
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